Are you spiritual but not religious and in need of ministerial services?

Rev. Tj Bartel is a celebrant who understands your unique view of spirituality.

Love is what matters most, not religious rules or even family traditions. 

Rev. Tj Bartel specializes in supporting couples and families who want to celebrate their special moments in life authentically and with deep meaning - without all the outdated baggage of traditional religion.  

About Our Services

Open Your Heart

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No matter where you are in life, at the start of a new life with a loved one, or saying goodbye to your beloved,
Rev. Tj Bartel will assist you in creating the kind of ceremony that honors this special moment.

Create Your Ceremony

Tj Bartel, minister, weddings

Rev. Tj Bartel will invest time and attention getting to know you and what type of experience you wish to have. 

Choose Your Location

Tj Bartel, Minister, Weddings

Tj Bartel has worked with families in the Bay Area as well as officiated at ceremonies in exotic locations. 

Our lives are made of special moments...

Reverend Tj Bartel

Tj Bartel is an ordained minister who specializes in officiating spiritual but not religious ceremonies that mark life's important transitional moments. He takes a personal and customized approach to working with couples and families to craft ceremonies that are filled with authenticity and meaning for those involved. 

If you have an important ceremony like a wedding, memorial service, funeral or christening coming up and would like to speak to Rev. Bartel about serving as your minister, the first step is to schedule a phone appointment with him by calling 855-836-8665. 


Please reach out and let's see how I can help

Tj Bartel - All Faiths Minister

San Jose, California

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I look forward to hearing from you!